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Celebrating the Nursing Profession, Today and Everyday

National Nurses Week wrapped up yesterday, May 12 with International Nurses Day. Every year, the highly celebrated week begins on May 6 and ends on May 12. Designed to recognize the contributions that nurses and nursing make to the community, this year’s National Nurses Week was once again a powerful reminder to give thanks to those who make such a profound difference in our lives. As we once more found ourselves in the midst of the COVID pandemic throughout the past 12 months, honoring and celebrating those who have cared for those in our community is truly the least we can do.


There is no denying the importance of the nursing profession and the value nurses provide to patients in a multitude of settings. Today, there are more than 5 million nurses in the United States. As their roles range from direct patient care to case management to directing nursing care systems and everything in between, it is estimated that there are four times as many nurses in the United States as there are doctors. While this seems like a substantial number, an aging population means more people needing more care. And at the same time, there is shortage of nurses in the country and beyond.


According to the American Journal of Medical Quality, a shortage of Registered Nurses is projected to continue to spread in the United States until 2030. In fact, current studies indicate that there will be an estimated shortage of 500,000 RN jobs in the United States by 2030. Such news isn’t likely to be a shock for healthcare organizations and specialized acquisition teams. More than one-fifth of nurses in the US plan to retire in the next five years.


As many nurses left the field due to extreme burnout caused by the pandemic, there is pressure on healthcare organizations to attract new talent. Healthcare organizations looking to not only hire for hard-to-fill nursing positions, but retain these employees as well, must consider their messaging within the market and also place a higher emphasis on employee onboarding, professional development and position benefits.


At the Times Union, we recognize both the incredible value and importance of nurses, as well as the value in creating a warm, welcoming brand. As such, we are a week away from our 8th Annual Salute to Nurses celebration. We are thrilled to celebrate some of the finest medical professionals in the Capital Region. We will honor the 10 winners of the Salute to Nurses program as well as 15 program finalists in a virtual luncheon on May 20 at 12:30PM EST.


For the local healthcare organizations employing the winners and finalists, there is no doubt a great sense of pride. An event like the Salute to Nurses luncheon is an opportunity to increase brand awareness and build relationships with area residents who have a multitude of choices when it comes to healthcare. Simply sponsoring an event can have a favorable impact on your brand as well, especially if you leverage your presence in the digital space. A multi-channel marketing and branding approach through a premier local event can help healthcare organizations not only attract new candidates, but better establish a connection with local residents and create a lasting, positive impression.


For help implementing a comprehensive branding or recruitment marketing strategy, our team at the Times Union Media Group can help. Contact us today and join us next Friday as we celebrate some exemplary healthcare professionals.






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