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Albany area businesses fuel the innovation that inspires national economic trends, commanding both a local and global audience. Reflective of that, our platforms reach a combined audience of nearly 1 million local unique users a month. There is no better option for reaching the audience interested in the Albany area than taking advantage of the multi-media solutions we offer to our national advertisers.


Geographic targeting that lets you deliver your message directly to the most receptive audience. From digital geo-targeting and geo-fencing to frequency-based local print programs, Times Union helps you reach your best prospects.


All in one buy, partnering with Times Union offers you the variety of mediums needed during the vehicle purchasing process. No one else in town can offer you a more cost-effective media plan to reach your target audience.

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It’s harder than ever to find students to fill your classrooms. The Times Union Media Group has experience working with all sizes of schools, from large universities to small private secondary schools. We provide a specially developed package, made exclusively to help you find more students.

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Let our experts help you reach an audience seeking experiences. Whether you’re trying to reach the theatre community with high-disposable incomes, attract Baby Boomers, or Millennials looking for an event-driven adventure, we will customize a marketing strategy designed to pinpoint your target audience.

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Real Estate

We offer a variety of multi-media solutions designed to help real estate professionals connect buyers with the properties they are seeking. Whether you want to feature a listing or you’re interested in a new website for your business, we've got you covered!

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Finding your next great hire is harder than ever. More than 80% of job seekers are passively looking for their next job – so you need a full-service talent acquisition campaign. We’re here to help with services including network brand advertising to social media marketing.

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Senior Living

The choice for senior care is usually a multi-generational decision. Partner with our strategic veteran experts who will utilize a multi-platform approach to reach all the critical audience segments necessary for your facility to be selected.

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