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Through our comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, research and analysis tools, the Times Union Media Group can develop a comprehensive advertising campaign for companies in the automotive industry that will drive results. Through a suite of multi-touch and data-driven digital solutions, we reach your customers at every intersection on their road to purchase. And while we work with other dealerships, we never leverage the same marketing strategy twice. We will develop a plan that is as unique as your business is!

The Automotive Consumer Journey is a Windy Road...

In fact, the automotive consumer journey is one of the most complex of all industries.

    • The average time to buy a car is 3 months
    • Only 1 in 3 potential car buyers know the exact vehicle they want to purchase.
    • 95% of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information.
    • Automotive consumers visit an average of 4.2 websites in their purchasing process.
    • The average automotive shopper spends 33% of their research time on a mobile device.
    • 61% of new and used vehicle shoppers contact the dealership by calling after a search.
    • The watch time of “test drive” videos on YouTube has grown by more than 65% in the past 2 years.
    • Consumers can get to the brink of purchase and then regress back to research – because it’s easy to do.

Source: The Car-Buying Process: One Consumer's 900+ Digital Interactions, Cox, Google, J.D. Power, LSA, Think With Google



These Brands Trust Us With Their Automotive Advertising

Jennifer Rodgers

Strategic Automotive Account Executive


Phone:  518.649.3686

Bio: Jennifer Rodgers has a proven track record for performance that is driven by her exceptional strategic thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. Over the course of her dynamic 25+ year career in business development,  she has accrued extensive knowledge in the automotive advertising realm and has helped her clients achieve success at scale. Her exceptional communication skills and ability to swiftly adapt to changing advertising landscapes has resulted in the development and successful promotion of new and innovative digital media products as well as the transformation and adaption of traditional media products to increase revenue and foster growth for our client partners. 

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