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The Value in New Employee Onboarding

Accepting a job offer is a major decision. A great deal of preparation, consideration and energy goes into the application process, the interview process and ultimately the process of choosing an organization to work for.

As such, for employers, it is their duty to place an equal amount of emphasis on the onboarding process for a new employee. All too often this process is overlooked. Management is busy, they are eager to get the new hire up-to-speed on their role and only big-picture information is conveyed. A more formal, defined “welcoming” period for a new employee to become properly acquainted with the company and its culture is frequently seen as a “nice to have”, but not a “need to have.”

We’re here to argue that this simply is not true.

Below, we’ve outlined a handful of ways to ensure new employee relationships are established and highlighted in the best way possible for all parties involved.


The Value in New Employee Introductions


Properly and thoroughly onboarding a new employee is a vital first step in establishing a positive relationship in the workplace. The last thing an organization wants to do after attracting a top recruit is spoil the relationship right out of the gate. Therefore, don’t hide the fact that you’ve hired a new team member!

Internally introducing a new employee gives the new hire credibility as they join the company, provides a professional background in order to build positive expectations from coworkers and lays out the role the new hire will play within the organization (teamwork makes the dream work!)

However, why not go a step further when it comes to new employee announcements? Consider sharing the great news with the local community as a whole.

People appreciate recognition. If their new role within their new company is spotlighted, this is positive reinforcement that they did in fact make the right decision in choosing your company as their place of employment. Distributing such news is also an opportunity to earn your organization brand recognition within the community.

Consider the importance of maintaining internal relationships while also enhancing external relationships and marketing your organization as a positive, growing entity.


In Conclusion


Establishing an onboarding process that is personalized not only positively affects a new hire, but also positively affects an organization. Pausing long enough to fully explain the company’s mission, departmental focus and employee goals allows for an audit on functionality that is often overlooked in the day to day workings of an organization.

Furthermore, being a warm, welcoming brand allows doors to be opened. Doors to attract and retain new employees, but also doors to new business ventures. Brands like to align themselves with other good, decent brands. Don’t miss out on what a bit of strategy and personalization can provide for your organization.


Times Union Solutions


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