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July 16, 2020
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The Revitalization of News Sources

Print is still relevant. Allow us to say that again. Print is still relevant.

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the “trust gap” between various media sources. Kantar Media released a study in May of this year that highlighted how brands and advertisers alike can succeed in a world overloaded with media sources, and in turn, content and information. What they found was that newspapers possessed overwhelmingly positive consumer trust and social media possessed overwhelmingly negative consumer trust.

Not only is there data to support trust in newspapers, but it is also clear that a person cannot gather all necessary information to be an informed citizen from a short post on social media. Recently, Forbes highlighted a number of brands who have published what they called “Corporate Social Responsibility statements” for organizations who wish to further communicate their stance on social issues and corporate betterment via traditional long form print ads in newspapers, among other print mediums.

As Forbes noted, brands have a lot to say and consumers are listening. People are constantly seeking out news surrounding the pandemic, economic affairs, social affairs and political affairs. While the plethora of short-form digital content that is available at our fingertips plays into the fact that adult attention spans have dwindled to a mere eight seconds, the deep reflection and conversations that are necessary to better our country, community and workplace, must be rooted in informative, trustworthy communication sources. As the mailable state of the world becomes increasingly complex, long-form newspaper content informs, educates and entertains citizens in a manner unlike any other medium.

In addition to the shift from short-form communication to long-form print communication, this year has also seen a shift away from outdoor advertising and towards online media. In 2019, outdoor advertising spend in Albany, NY exceeded $15.5 million. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly decreased commuter traffic and leisure travel this year, and in turn, significantly decreased the need and desire for outdoor advertising spend. According to researcher Magna Global, billboard revenue is expected to drop by roughly 40% in the second quarter of 2020.

While billboard companies aren’t having the year they hoped for, we know that businesses are constantly shifting advertising dollars to efficiently reach their target audience. A challenge with any form of paid media is determining what platform makes the most sense for your business to advertise on. As traffic has dwindled and people are working and shopping from the comfort of their home, marketers are turning to online advertising platforms to share an organization’s message or showcase their products.


Online Advertising Options


As we have discussed trust in newspapers and the shift from outdoor advertising to online advertising, a logical advertising medium for businesses to consider that incorporates the best of both worlds are local media websites. is the category leader in the Capital Region. It reaches more than twice as many adults as any other local media website. Each month, sees more than four million highly engaged unique visitors who consume over six pages of content and over three minutes on page with each visit.

Investing in local marketing and advertising fosters a sense of trust in your brand, allows for more thorough communication with a target audience (or the community as a whole!) and showcases your business in an authentic, organic manner.

People are hypervigilant now and largely driven by emotions. Positioning a brand as a leader who positively impacts the community and its members is invaluable. Treating people with empathy and advertising on appropriate mediums with powerful messaging is a winning combination. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to reach your ideal consumer in an evolving marketing landscape.



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