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September 20, 2019
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Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Online Applications Spike Through Times Union Campaign

In this featured case study, we’ll explore how Times Union bolstered Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home’s recruiting efforts through a comprehensive media campaign. The campaign targeted local job-seeking medical professionals by pinpointing key locations to advertise and leveraging a range of social and recruiting networks.

Business Challenge

Independently owned and operated, Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home (NLH) has been Gloversville, NY’s leading healthcare provider and workplace for over a century. NLH maintains its position as a premier employer in the community through ongoing recruitment efforts to attract top talent and a strong partnership with its organized labor force. However, escalating competition with larger Albany Metro hospitals put NLH’s brand image and awareness in a challenging position. NLH needed a partner to help develop new messaging as part of a comprehensive campaign to reach and engage the next generation of medical professionals.

Campaign Strategy

Times Union helped change NLH’s recruitment narrative by incorporating the most compelling aspects of its employment experience into the campaign. Ads highlighting NLH’s culture, job enrichment, competitive wages, and sign-on bonuses surrounded ideal candidates across print, online news sites, social networks, job listing sites, paid search marketing, and more. TU identified candidate audiences utilizing advanced methods, including location-based targeting at competing hospitals and online browsing habits indicating an interest in medical positions. Increased ad frequency during peak interest points of the year also generated large spikes of qualified applications.

Campaign Elements

Print Advertising

Times Union’s readership, consisting of highly educated and engaged local residents, was the ideal target for NLH’s print campaign. Descriptive style ads detailed its core mission, open positions, and substantial signing bonuses to entice potential candidates to apply. Well-timed boosts to ad frequency during events like nursing school graduations also generated a large spike of qualified applications to NLH’s recruiting team.

Native Advertising

TU crafted a sponsored article for NLH and featured it on and a network of partner websites. The article highlighted NLH’s status as “A Gem in the Adirondacks,” touting its organizational culture and the benefits of working for an independent healthcare facility.

Display Advertising

Compelling ads featured on introduced diverse job openings and attractive benefits to engage candidates. Ads also targeted audiences across a network of partner sites, which pinpointed local hospitals and schools to attract the most qualified candidates in the area.

Recruitment Networks

TU built out a strong presence on top career networks like Monster and MaxRecruit, which distributed NLH’s openings to nearly 100,000 medical job-seekers. Postings focused on profiles with diverse backgrounds and established interests in nursing and healthcare positions.

Social Media Marketing

NLH leveraged Times Union Jobs, a dedicated social brand on Facebook that reaches thousands of local candidates. A series of boosted posts, covering topics like NLH’s progressive environment and compelling sign-on bonuses, garnered nearly 2,000 engagements including likes, comments, and shares.


“Times Union has had such a positive impact on our brand, which provided much needed stability to our recruiting e­fforts. They continue to deliver a steady stream of excellent candidates and we couldn’t be happier about it!”

Lana Wydra | VP of Human Resources, Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home

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