As the world has become more mobile, traditional content providers have transitioned to a new wave of content delivery called Over-the-Top or “OTT.” As OTT content has continued to gain popularity, more traditional content providers have begun to develop their own apps in order to be part of this OTT craze. Likewise, more people are choosing to watch their favorite TV on CTV. CTV stands for connected television. This is simply a device, a TV, where you can stream OTT content via some type of streaming device.

Hearst Connecticut Media Group sources CTV media through Private Marketplace deals. We offer transparency as to where the video impressions are being delivered on premium TV networks.

You may have heard of cord-cutters (those who canceled their pay-TV subscription), or cord-shavers (those who are changing their cable to get a lower cost subscription), or even cord-nevers (someone who has never paid for cable). Whatever bucket you fall into, 85% of U.S. Households watch content via OTT/CTV.

CTV demonstrates a significant edge, reaching a 97% completion rate across premium inventory. We focus on premium video long-form, unskippable content with transparent reporting.

As brands continue to invest in premium inventory, which drives higher viewability and completion rates while providing more assurance of brand safety, CTV is one of the best video solutions in 2019.

Source: Nielsen March 2019.

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